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 cils – certificate of italian as a foreign language
The CILS (Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language) certifies language and communication ability in Italian as a second language. This certification is officially recognized by EALTA (European Language Testing Association), the European association which aims to promote awareness of language testing best practice in Europe.

 italian language certification > cils, celi & other certificates - europass
The Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) recognizes the CELI 3 as a valid certificate of knowledge of the Italian language to study at a University in Italy, while the CELI 4 and the CELI 5 confirm an equal knowledge of the Italian language to Italian students.

 italian language certification exams for foreigners (cils, celi) - europass
CILS Exam Preparation Courses, in Florence or Online. The CILS Certification of the University for Foreigners of Siena is one of the most requested Italian language certifications. Discover More. Today, I’ve got the test CILS results back and I passed. None of this would have been possible without Enzo: he did the impossible, he helped me ...

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 certifications – italiana – lingua, cultura, creatività nel mondo
The purpose of the association is to promote a culture of certification assessment for Italian as L2 and to ensure a quality system for the certification of language skills, in line with the scientific standards set by the Council of Europe in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. For more information: CILS – University ...

 certificazioni di lingua italiana > cils, celi & molte altre - europass it
I certificati di conoscenza della lingua italiana (CELI) sono attestati sull’italiano generale per adulti scolarizzati. Tramite il CELI, si attestano le capacità e abilità d’uso della lingua, e può essere utilizzata nel settore lavorativo e scolastico.

 italian language certificates | università degli studi di milano statale
CELI i Exams. CELi i exams - Italian Language Certificate for Immigrants - are addressed to foreign citizens who intend to migrate and settle down permanently and, as far as the CELI Impatto i exam is concerned specifically, to those migrants who have been learning Italian as a second language. The following exams are delivered at the ...

 italian language certificates | university of turin
Listen. When you arrive in Turin and during your stay in Piedmont, it is possible to get one of the following Italian Language Certificates: CILS - Certificate of Italian as a second language. CILS is a general Italian certificate assessing the level of competence the student reached in Italian language.

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