Maria Pollutri

After graduating with a degree in Chinese Language and Culture from La Sapienza University of Rome, Maria decided to move to Beijing, where she attended Chinese Language courses at Foreing Language University in order to further improve her language skills. In 2013 she returned to Italy and studied for the DITALS, a certificate for teaching Italian as a second language. She then moved back to China and worked as an Italian Language teacher in Qingdao for a year.

In 2014 she started her master degree course in Language and Culture for International Communication and Cooperation at Milan University.


“I started teaching Italian right after my bachelor degree, because I think interpersonal relationships are something very important for cultural exchange. Getting to know so many students with different backgrounds taught me a lot, and with time I understood that I couldn’t rely solely on standard teaching methods, because each student has unique characteristics. That’s why I try to offer classes that are as personalized and effective as possible.”