Marco Tavino

Marco graduated with a degree in Chinese Language and Culture from the University of Rome La Sapienza. During university, he attended Chinese language courses at the University of Foreign Languages in Pechino, where he moved in 2008 to live and work as a consultant for various Italian companies. In 2011 he was awarded a research fellowship with a scholarship to the Renmin University of Pechino, where he completed a study of sociology and photography based on the expansion of the city of Pechino. At the end of his research, he moved to Shanghai where he taught Italian for almost four years; in April 2015, he decided to return to Italy to try his luck in his home country.

“Teaching requires a deep love and a great curiosity for diversity, because anyone who wants to be a great teacher needs to be prepared to learn from his own students– and never tired of doing so. The teacher-student relationship needs to be personal and involved, and never pedagogical. Results come only from moving forward and helping each other.”